Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Tapes

RUSSIAN TSARLAG - "Eternal Flame" C45

'Russia' returns with "Eternal Flame", a 45 minute journey that picks up where last years excellent "There's a Snake in my Cash Register" left off. It takes me back to that time I started sleepwalking in Columbus,OH. I was disoriented, cold, and quite confused. These songs evoke a similar feeling. Also, includes a stark rendition of "Bye Bye Love" for the lonely hearted. Press the button...


HNY "How I Learned to Live" C22

Heather Nicole Young, or HNY, is back with her first tape in over a year. Less is more they say. Some moments on here remind me of textures from "Soundtracks from the Blind" by the Swans. I know Heather pretty well, she positively shreds on the guitar, when she feels like it. Theres a little taste of that here along with some 3am basement clatter, dying cassette vocal harmonies,and more high quality stuff you would expect from her.Another winner in a nearly flawless discography.

DICK NEFF "Goofy Gore" C22

This dude has been at it for like 3 years and somehow never found the time to throw a boombox in the room and hit the record button? Well,I dont get it, but apparently this is the debut release by Dick Neff. Simply put, Lance 'delivers the goods' when you see him get down. A mess of frantic,speed freak drumming wired up to electronics that spit out shrieking hi tones and ground shaking bass waves.Here on "Goofy Gore", he lays waste to your hi-fi with a non-stop bombardment of drums and bass tones. The ol' "Kensington Cowboy" goes for it, and rides high into the sunset. A mandatory cranker. Elaborate/frustrating pullout screened artwork.

Audio samples available at: