Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year Feb 20111 Batch

Mark Lord "Straight From the Hand" CS

No introduction needed for this guy...Hardly any of the typical synth to be found here. Instead,two 10 minute sides of drum machine slam,with the occasional synth blipping in and out of the mix along with some sweet cowbell riffage. Party in the Wasteland.


Two Years on Welfare "Receiver" CS

We're cruising through North Philly on another night ride.No stars out there and certainly none on the street. Just headlights to blind you and mutant kids to grind you.This is dark music for those hot summer nights. Glenn lays down some cuts reminiscent of classic Rahdunes and early Robedoor.40 minutes. Lay down in the black sewer and give up for awhile.


Also available early February:
Russian Tsarlag "Eternal Flame" CS
HNY "How I learned to Live" CS
Dick Neff "Goofy Gore" CS